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Our Story


Love of food never goes unrequited. Perhaps it is the combination of good looks, great taste and unbeatable flavour; but a meal prepared with the right ingredients and with love, is a celebration. CHEF URBANO is a brand that scours the world to get the finest gourmet ingredients into kitchens of people who pride themselves in preparing good food.

Most food products today contain artificial chemicals, flavours, colours & enhancers. But not Chef Urbano. Everything about Chef Urbano is 100% Natural. We strive to inspire a healthy lifestyle through gluten free, natural & nutritious superfoods, super seeds, gluten free pasta and chips, healthy salt, aromatic spices, premium herbs and seasonings.

Aspirations & Intentions


Our commitment to using 100% natural ingredients ensures that every dish is both healthy and delicious, offering a guilt-free experience. So, embrace the joy of cooking with Chef Urbano and savour the goodness of pure, wholesome ingredients in every meal.

To ensure that every person; family and child has access to sustainable products that promote better health and wellbeing.

To offer wholesome, carefully sourced products through a hub that not only promotes better living but also encourage those who love and introduce our feel-good products within their communities.

Gluten Free

Our products are free from gluten (a protein that is indigestible for some and found in a variety of grains.)

GMO Free

Our products are grown without genetically modified organisms.


Our products do not contain animal products.


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