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Priyanka Sarkar


I bought Himalayan Pink Salt for flush water diet, really helpful and now I have shifted my Normal salt into pink salt , really helps you to detoxify.


Sanjay V.

Marketing Professional

This is natural Himalayan salt as described. Good for health. Good for cooking purpose. I personally used it for fermentation. Results were nice.


Amrita Bhattacharjee

Business Owner

I liked the packaging, the quality of the jar and also the quality of the flaxseeds. Pure and original.. I bought this and I am happy with my purchase because I got a glass jar.




Very nice quality Happy to order, new variant of health benefit. Packing is 5/5 nicely packed air tight Made Quinoa Pulav without oil. Nice alternative for rice. Happy to use it. Not even one grain is bad. Quantity 5/5

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