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7 Easy Steps to Make Quinoa Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Parmigiano Recipe

Ingredients for Quinoa Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Parmigiano

For Dough

  1. Chef Urbano Quinoa flour – 100 gms
  2. Egg yolk – 1 no
  3. Potato starch – 5 gms
  4. Roast and mashed potato – 200 gms
  5. Grated Parmesan – 50 gms
  6. Chef Urbano Himalayan Pink Salt – 3 gms
For Sauce
  1. Olive oil – 50 ml
  2. Cherry tomato – 100 gms
  3. Italian tomato puree – 50 gms
  4. Garlic – 5 gms
  5. Chef Urbano Basil
  6. Parmesan – 75 gms
  7. Chef Urbano Himalayan Pink Salt and black pepper to taste
Method for Quinoa Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Parmigiano
  1. For Gnocchi dough, mixed all the ingredients to make a smooth dough.
  2. In a heavy bottom pan, boil water, and add Chef Urbano Himalayan Pink Salt for blanching.
  3. Prepare the gnocchi with the help of a gnocchi pad or fork, blanch these dumplings in boiling salted water till it starts floating on top.
  4. Take it out and refresh it in iced chilled water. Drain and apply olive oil.
  5. For sauce in a heavy bottom saucepan, heat olive oil, and sauté chopped garlic till light brown in color.
  6. Add cherry tomatoes, cook it for 5 min add tomato puree and cook it further for 2 min, add blanched gnocchi and toss well. Season it and add Chef Urbano Basil and grated parmesan
  7. Serve hot with a garnish of grated parmesan and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.
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