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Chia Seeds Superfood: A Nutrient-Dense Powerhouse

Though tiny in size, each chia seed is packed with several nutrients that are essential to improve your health. From weight management to loading your body with powerful antioxidants, the benefits of chia seeds are endless. All you have to do is include a few seeds in your diet each day and you will see the difference in your overall performance during your training and in your general well-being as well. Here is everything that you need to know about this natural source of several nutrients that are hard to obtain with your regular diet alone.

Chia Seeds Benefits

Chia seeds are obtained from a plant named Salvia Hispanica that is native to Central America. In the recent past, several studies have been conducted to understand how these seeds can actually improve health. The results are stunning and here are some chia seeds benefits that have made them popular globally:

  • Improves digestion: Chia seeds are high in fiber and can help with digestion and bowel issues like constipation and inflammation. Furthermore, 100 grams of these tiny black seeds contain about 40 grams of dietary fiber.
  • Helps in Weight Reduction: Recently, chia seeds have been heralded as superfoods as they not only provide fiber but also give you the energy that you need to sustain a rigorous weight loss regime. These seeds have the ability to soak in and retain a lot of liquid. This gives you a feeling of being fuller, thus suppressing appetite. As a result, issues like binge eating and hunger pangs are averted to help you maintain a good weight loss diet.
  • Great source of omega 3: Most people buy chia seeds online as a reliable plant based source of omega 3. These fatty acids are essential for several bodily functions and chia seeds are loaded with Omega-3. You can obtain a form of Omega-3 called Alpha Linolenic Acid. These are the good fats that keep your heart healthy, maintain skin and hair health and also have powerful anti-oxidizing properties.
  • They contain antioxidants and minerals: You can give your regular diet a great boost by including a few chia seeds in it. You have the benefits of antioxidants such as prevention of inflammation, growth of cancerous cells and any age related degeneration. They also contain very important minerals such as calcium and manganese that are necessary for maintaining overall health.
  • Controls Blood Sugar Level: High fasting blood sugar levels are linked to type 2 diabetes and can raise the probability of a number of health problems. Furthermore, animal studies show that chia seeds can help regulate blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity

Full of Nutrients

It’s easy to see why these seeds are so popular, they’re incredibly versatile, vegan and are really good for you. They’re virtually tasteless and pack a nutritional punch. Loaded with omega-3 which helps maintain good blood cholesterol, fibre for a healthy digestion and protein, they also provide good levels of phosphorous, magnesium, iron and calcium.

How Much Chia Seeds Should You Eat A Day?

Whether you are looking to buy chia seeds online for weight loss or for any other health benefits, make sure that you consume the necessary amount for the results to show. The recommended dosage of chia seeds in a day is about 20g which is about 1.5 tablespoons. You must consume this amount twice each day. Eating too many chia seeds can also have negative effects. The common issue that you will face is digestive issues as these seeds are rich in fiber. You may experience bloating, diarrhoea and gas when you eat too many chia seeds in a day. 

Uses of Chia Seeds

You’ve already learned about all the healthy benefits of chia seeds. Let’s take a look at some delicious uses of chia seeds.

  • For Baking Purposes – Chia seeds are an excellent substitute for eggs in baking.
  • A Perfect Match to Your Toast – Adding chia seeds to your usual bread and spread will make your breakfast a whole lot crunchier!
  • Delicious Drinks –Chia seeds can be added to a lime juice and honey drink to make them taste better.
  • Delectable Smoothies – Add a couple of chia seeds to your smoothies for a satisfying and healthy breakfast twist.
  • Garnishing –Chia seeds can be used to garnish your dishes, favourite salads, and curries.

 Where to Buy chia seeds Online ?

You can buy healthy seeds at We offer several beneficial features such as : 

  • 100% pure and natural seeds that are easy to consume.
  • These seeds are completely gluten free, Vegan and Non GMO

 Chef Urbano chia seeds are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Jiomart, BlinkIt, Big Basket and many more in 180g, 300g and 600g sizes.


Q. How to use chia seeds?
A. Soak chia seeds in water well for 30 mins (minimum) Drink the water with the soaked chia seeds or add it to your favourite drinks, smoothies or juices. You can also make a yummy chia pudding of it.

Q. What do Chia Seeds taste like?
A. Chia seeds have a delicate and mild flavour, their shiny shells provide smoothies, bowls, cereal, salads, and more a slight pop. If we had to describe their flavour, we would describe it as slightly earthy and nutty.

Q. Do chia seeds need to be soaked?
A. Raw chia seeds carry the same health benefits as soaked chia seeds. But it is recommended to eat soaked chia seeds to ease digestion.

Q. What is the difference between black and white chia seeds?
A. Black chia seeds are more common than white ones, but there’s no big difference. Black chia seeds have slightly more protein content, whereas white chia seeds have slightly more Omega-3 fatty acids.

Q. Can chia seeds improve skin health?
A. Yes, chia seeds are high in antioxidants and nutrients that can do wonders for your skin, like boosting skin luminosity and elasticity, hydration, reducing inflammation and overall strengthening your skin, hair, and nails.

Q. Are chia seeds good for hair?
A. Yes, the abundance of nutrients like zinc, phosphorus, iron, protein, omega 3 fatty acids etc., helps strengthen your hair roots and prevent hair fall and breakage.

Q. Can chia seeds be eaten raw?
A. You can eat chia seeds soaked as well as raw. They can be eaten raw by adding them to various food items such as pudding, yoghurt, oatmeal, cereal or as a topping on salads.

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